God of the Storm (reblog from Godless in Dixie)

We're hearing a lot about storms these days - first Harvey in Texas, now Irma and potentially Jose on the East coast. In addition, dozens of devastating wildfires are burning thousands of acres in the western part of the US. Communities are experiencing catastrophes, business are disrupted, homes are damaged or destroyed, people and families … Continue reading God of the Storm (reblog from Godless in Dixie)


Honesty…. a lonely word, or what I need?

I've been reflecting on and recovering from the encounter detailed in my last post. Thank you to everyone who posted and emailed your helpful and supportive messages. It's wonderful having a community of people I have come to admire, who understand this journey and who have blazed this path ahead of me. And who care.Walking … Continue reading Honesty…. a lonely word, or what I need?

life as a pizza box

Since coming out of religion, specifically fundamentalist Christianity, I've been constantly surprised by the changes in the way I view life, death, purpose, other people, and myself. I used to struggle mightily with a poor self image. My parents never understood this. To them I had every reason in the world to be confident. I … Continue reading life as a pizza box

now a music video about masturbation?

I know, what's with the masturbation posts?!  I guess it's synchronicity at work. This article from the Glamour magazine website popped up on my FB feed this morning and I couldn't resist sharing it. Masturbation—particularly female masturbation—may be taboo in some circles, but Shanthony Exum a.k.a. Miss Eaves created a whole song and music video … Continue reading now a music video about masturbation?