Beliefs I do not miss: Thanking the god of parking spots, plumbing and hygiene products

One of my constant struggles right now is deciding whether or not to admit to my friends and family that I no longer believe like I used to, or like they still do.

While it has been a difficult journey, there are certain beliefs that I always had a problem with and am glad I no longer have to justify or contend with.

One of these is God as Provider. I never understood why God concentrated his provisions on a certain demographic (i.e., middle-upper strata families in North American) when it seemed he really should be attending to the more pressing needs of the rest of the globe.

parking starving

And by “provisions” I mean First World “essentials”, things like parking spaces, 75% off sales at Macy’s, and tampons.

Yes, apparently God even provides tampons. Let me ‘splain. Continue reading