now a music video about masturbation?

I know, what’s with the masturbation posts?!  I guess it’s synchronicity at work. This article from the Glamour magazine website popped up on my FB feed this morning and I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Masturbation—particularly female masturbation—may be taboo in some circles, but Shanthony Exum a.k.a. Miss Eaves created a whole song and music video about it. It’s titled “Hump Day,” and the pun is absolutely intended.

“Songs are better when you write about what you know, and as a person who is always single, I absolutely know about masturbation,” Exum told us. In the video, she wanted to show what women really look like in the throes of sexual pleasure, not what we see in porn and other places where women are trying to be sexy. “I really want to offer a counterpoint to the popular notion that women have to look or behave a certain way to feel sexually empowered,” she said.



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