Skirts are my thing.

I love how it feels to have my skirt blown up by something.

I like it literally, stepping over an exhaust grate or having my skirt lifted by a breeze.

I like it figuratively, getting passionate about something and needing to vent, or having something take me by surprise and completely blow me away.

You just can’t get the same experience in pants.

I have a very nice, respectable blog elsewhere. But I started this blog because sometimes I want to be less than nice.

On this blog, I will share things that blow my skirt up.

Real things. Things that might get a little rough. Things I need to talk about but can’t in my real life. Things that threaten to whip my skirt right off.

If this blog gets a readership, I’ll be thankful. And then I’ll decide whether to take off the mask.

Then again, can’t think of anything much sexier than wearing just a skirt and mask….

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog and for your supportive “likes” on NeuroNotes blog. When you are kind of being attacked for what you think are sensible views the support feels good. 🙂

    I can see you have a lot of similarity to Victoria (NeuroNotes) in that you seem to be in a pretty conservative environment, but seem to have changed your mind about a lot of things in life. Although I never had such a strict environment, I at least know what it’s like to have family proselytize you into Christianity and I certainly grew up with a bout of bible camp and lots of bible bedtime stories from my Mennonite grandmother. So I always find it deeply fascinating to learn about others who overcome that strong level of indoctrination and are able to change their beliefs. What is interesting is that I’ve noticed that it isn’t some traumatic experience that changes beliefs, but rather a slower process of discovery, where things just seem to sort of suddenly click. Sometimes a stronger event might move one in a different direction, but I think that true understanding comes slowly and has to be reached through self-determination. I think humans are more alike than they are different and I am always out to learn how to engage people better, and how people come to make major changes in their world view. So I am glad I have found your blog!


    • Thanks so much, Swarn, for your words here, on other blogs, and on your own. I’m glad you felt the support with my “likes” on the Neil Carter post – that was exactly what I intended. I’ve seen Victoria before on another blog, but that post was the first time I ever commented outside my comfort zone. Imagine my shock and despair when tildeb immediately jumped on the fact that I said “non-angry atheist” and “Matt Dillahunty” in the same sentence. For someone who talks about the Tone Police, he certain has a strong tone of his own. I made my mea culpa, thinking that would be enough. Then he jumped again! I’ll admit I’m a sensitive person, but I was surprised by how his comments made me feel. I had a pit in my stomach and my immediate thought was, “do I really want to leave my familiar, loving religious cocoon just to be surrounded by ambushing assholes who care only about the math of the issue?!? I don’t think so!” After I recovered from the trigger affect of his attitude, I decided to read some of the other 100+ comments left on the post. Which is when I saw your comments…. and the fact that this person wasn’t just targeting me, but in fact attacking everyone like a dog with a chew toy. I think the issue is much more complex than people like tildeb propose, and appreciated your tone and tactics in the ongoing (and sometimes wearisome) discussion. I know from the inside that religion is not some giant conspiracy theory or capitalistic enterprise. We are complex creatures with many layers and much depth. If there wasn’t some deep-seated need for what religion brings to the table, our species wouldn’t have developed religion and all its varieties in the first place! I look forward to reading more of you and thank you for following me, too 🙂

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      • As you probably saw on my comments on Victoria’s blog, I know from talking to her that the internet helped her find a community of support. She is definitely an intelligent and kind person to talk with.

        “We are complex creatures with many layers and much depth. If there wasn’t some deep-seated need for what religion brings to the table, our species wouldn’t have developed religion and all its varieties in the first place!”

        Extremely well said. I also really like what you said in your other reply to me that it’s not all about the “math”. That’s an extremely good way of saying it. In fact when I was contemplating being more insulting to those assholes I was thinking of that analogy. They are mathematicians, and I am scientist, that’s the difference. You might be good at the math, but you don’t know how to apply it. That’s science. Anybody can develop a sound logical framework, but it’s another thing to give that framework to someone else and just tell them…okay now change the entire way you are thinking…because it’s wrong, and this is right. Um…okay let’s just forget all about how human brains actually work. And yes, there are angry atheists, but in my experience this isn’t most of them. Just like any troll…don’t feed the troll. That’s why I just stopped conversing. But I think you will find the blogging community friendlier in general. I follow several blogs of people like you, who are in the transition from changing around completely what they thought the knew of the world. In a lot of ways I don’t think it’s necessarily that you have intellectually changed a lot. You probably saw many of these things before and the things that didn’t fit you just kind of discarded because you couldn’t make all the evidence fit. But once you start to see things from a humanistic perspective, it’s amazing how everything really starts to fit together and all the pieces fall into place.

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  2. Hello skirtonavent!

    I’m always a fan of all things inspiring and liberating, even if the liberation hasn’t reached its full maturation. Like you, there are a LOT of us questioning “believers” or ex-fundies, ex-Xians, searching out of overly protective barricades and monistic binary systems, and soon finding that the world is really not that chaotic nor near as evil and deceitful as we were falsely taught. I personally come from a different angle than many Fundies — i.e. I was raised by humble Agnostic parents — and not indoctrinated at birth. I came into “the church” then after 9-10 hardcore years, hit a major brick wall and had no other choice but to leave… or be a hypocrite. Life is so much better and more fulfilling now! 🙂

    Looking forward to browsing around here and see what sort of trouble I can get into! 😈

    Warm regards Ma’am


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